Frequently Asked Questions

What is Metaverse Nonvoice?
Metaverse Nonvoice powered by Celcom allows full access to all of the 10 amazing Augmented Reality games, apps and experiences in the package.

How much does Metaverse Nonvoice cost?
A weekly subscription costs RM3.

How do I claim my free weekly NFT?
As a subscriber you will receive a free NFT every week, you must first login to your wallet to activate it at You will receive a free NFT upon activation and a free NFT every 7 days while subscribed.

I have forgotten my password, how can I login?
You will have received your unique secure password via email when you subscribed. Please check your email for it and spam folder if possible. If you enter your password incorrectly at the login page we will email your password to you as a reminder automatically within a few minutes.

What devices are supported?
Only compatible apps/games are shown based on your device. To access all apps/games you will need a minimum of:

• Android 10.0 and above
• iOS 13 and above

How do I install each app/game from Metaverse Nonvoice?
Use the download link on the app description page which will take you to the iOS App Store or Google Play to download. It is important to use only the link provided when logged in to Metaverse Nonvoice and follow the on screen instructions otherwise you may not have full access to the app/game.

Do I need a 5G device or 5G signal?
No, all apps in Metaverse Nonvoice will work on both 4G and 5G networks, some games/apps have enhanced features when 5G speeds are detected.

What language is available?
English, there will be more languages coming soon.

How do I cancel my subscription?
You can check your subscription and unsubscribe by logging in and visiting the my account page:

I still need help.
Please email the help request to: , state the issue in the email with a similar subject title and we will attend to your request within 24hours.